Groupe SiliCycle
Array of products made by Groupe SiliCycle

Founded in Québec City in 1995, Groupe SiliCycle is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialized products for the health & wellness and environmental industries.

Health & Wellness


Since 1995, SiliCycle offers products and services of fine chemistry and purification based on silica, in particular for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma in silica

Functionalized silica nanocarriers for a safe and efficient oncology.


Essential oils and hydrosols from the boreal forest, and revaluation of bark derived from forest resources (bark).


Innovative cosmetic products resulting from several years of research on active compounds sourced from Quebec's boreal forest.

Total Ocean

Omega-3 (EPA, DHA, DPA) of high quality and various extracts, derived from marine biomasses.

Environmental Technologies

RV2 Technologies

Revaluation technology that produces raw precipitated silica and high-value chemicals from used glass.


Eco-friendly functionalized surface coatings for the marine, food processing, mining, pulp and paper, and sanitation industries.

Groupe SiliCycle Inc., 2500, Parc-Technologique Blvd, Quebec City (Quebec) G1P 4S6, CANADA
Phone: +1 418.874.0054 / Toll Free: +1 877.745.4292 (North America only)